20 Things to Avoid in 2014

Dec 31, 2013 by

Happy New Year 2014Happy New Year everybody! I’m continuing the tradition I began last year of posting a list of suggested resolutions in the form of:

20 Things to Avoid in 2014 to End the Year Wealthier and Healthier

  1. Jim Cramer
  2. Divorce (unless you’re married to Jim Cramer)
  3. Upgrading something (like your house) that works fine for you
  4. Sugar
  5. Payday lenders
  6. Restaurants
  7. Twitter stock
  8. Angry people
  9. iPhone ∞
  10. Hobbies with a name including the letters f, l, g, and o
  11. Layaway
  12. Cable television
  13. Cow flesh
  14. Credit repair
  15. Supplements
  16. Befriending people who think spending money and fun are the same
  17. Buying new
  18. Firearms
  19. The lottery
  20. Stock brokers

What’s on your list for 2014?

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