2013 Capital Gain Tax Rates

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U.S. Capitol

Congresspeople should have to do their own taxes.

Congress loves to tweak the tax code. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, it all changes.

If I were King, I’d require every member of Congress and the President to do their own taxes. No professional help. They each get locked in a room with their records, a computer, a printer, and a pencil. We don’t let them out until they slide under the door their completed returns, signed and sealed in that big IRS envelope, postage already affixed.

Within two years the U.S. tax code would be simplified by about 98%. We’d all be doing 2-page returns.

2013 U.S. Long-Term Capital Gain Tax Rates

For your convenience, here are the essentials on tax rates for 2013 capital gains. These apply to long-term gains: assets you held at least a year before selling.

0% capital gain tax rate







15% capital gain tax rate







20% capital gain tax rate







28% 25% capital gain tax rate






* This rate applies to part of your gain. See IRS Publication 544 for details.
** Held at least five years. The 28% rate generally applies to only half of your gain. See IRS Publication 550.

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