2015 Layaway Program!!

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Everything is Fine -- Keep ShoppingThe big retailers are already promoting their layaway programs—it is only 87 days until Christmas, after all—so time for me to announce the 2015 Money Counselor layaway program!

This will be the third straight year I’ve offered a layaway service. My program gets more popular every season, so I’m excited to get it launched. I know millions of Americans depend on layaway instead of actually putting a little cash away. I mean, why save money in your own bank account when you can stash your Christmas cash in Walmart’s (or my) bank instead?

How Money Counselor Layaway Works

My layaway program is far simpler than any other program you can find—guaranteed! Walmart’s program comes with a page full of rules. I don’t bother with such nonsense, so there’s nothing you have to pretend to have read. Here’s how my layaway program works:

  1. You send me your money.
  2. I hold your money for you.
  3. When you’re ready to buy something for Christmas, let me know, and I’ll promptly send you the money you need for it.

The Money Counselor layaway program has only one rule: just don’t ask me to send you more money than you’ve sent me to hold for you, okay? Ms. Money Counselor gets grouchy about stuff like that.

Money Counselor Layaway vs. Walmart Layaway

My layaway program works exactly like Walmart’s, except mine’s a lot better. For example:

  • With both programs, you give the service provider little installments of cash to hold for you until you’ve saved enough to buy the junk items you want but can’t afford.
  • You have to open your Walmart layaway account at a Walmart. Also, you have to go to a Walmart store to make payments. With Money Counselor, just send me your money from anywhere on the planet.
  • Any individual item you layaway at Walmart must cost more than $10, and your total laid away purchase must total at least $50. I don’t care what you buy with the money you send me to hold for you.
  • With Walmart, your final layaway payment and pick-up of your stuff must be done by December 14. Fail to do these and you’re hit with a $10 cancellation fee. The Money Counselor program has no such rules.
  • Walmart won’t let you layaway a wireless phone that requires a contract. With Money Counselor, you can buy whatever you want when I send your money back to you.

Why would you use Walmart layaway instead of Money Counselor layaway?

To sign up for the Money Counselor layaway program, drop me a note and I’ll send instructions for how to send me your money to hold for you.

I Know What You’re Thinking

Okay, you’re thinking this: “Why would I send this idiot blogger my money to hold until I’m ready to buy something instead of just saving the money myself and then buy what I want?”

Very good question! Why would you? Now just insert “Walmart” in the question above in place of “this idiot blogger” and ask yourself the question again.

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