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Money Counselor welcomes inquiries from reputable advertisers selling products or services that will help Money Counselor’s readers reach their financial goals. Please use the form below.

My definition of advertising includes “guest posts” with the central aim of promoting yourself, a product, or a service. My definition includes seeking to establish a dofollow link to a website for the purpose of subverting Google’s search algorithm. I call these “sponsored posts.” I do publish sponsored posts, but for a fee. But before wasting your time contacting me, please note:

  • Per Google’s policy, links in sponsored posts will be designated nofollow. If your reason for asking that a sponsored post be published on Money Counselor is to create a dofollow link, please don’t bother contacting me. Okay?
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  • The content of your article must be of meaningful value to Money Counselor’s readers.

Guest posts from fellow personal finance bloggers are a different kettle of fish! Please see the Guest Post page.

Please note: I feel my first obligation is to Money Counselor’s readers, not to advertisers. Any content on Money Counselor for which payment is received will be labeled as an advertisement or a similar disclosure made.

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