Are You Ready to Retire?

Jan 25, 2013 by

I came across this alarming—if unsurprising—graphic recently on my favorite investing oriented blog, Juggling Dynamite.

Ready to retire statistics

How do you compare to the answers for Americans overall shown above? Are you right in there with the majority who appear to have considerable planning and saving to do to reach their retirement goals, or are you “breaking the curve”?

Don’t Give Up Your Dreams: You Can Retire The Way You Want!

Though the numbers above mostly paint a fairly grim picture, my message is keep at it! For a big majority of us, we can spend less, boost earnings, invest smarter, and save more. It’s not too late for you.

Good finances are a bit like good health: Though some things are not within your control, your behavior and choices can and will make a gigantic difference in the outcomes. But neither good finances or good health happen automatically. You’ve got to take responsibility for learning and practicing the fundamentals that underlie success!

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