Beware IRS Form 3949A

Apr 9, 2012 by

Much of the information the IRS needs to calculate how much taxpayers owe Uncle Sam is documented. The same party that sends you copies of your W-2s and 1099s of all flavors also sends copies to the IRS.

But a big part of tax reporting is based on “the honor system.” Do you get paid to work on a few friends’ cars in your spare time? Did you make a few dollars holding garage sales last year? What about that lucky day with your buddies at the thoroughbred track? Don’t overlook Form 1040 line 21, Other Income. According to the 1040 Instructions, you’re to report here “any taxable income not reported elsewhere on your return or other schedules.”

But what you don’t tell the IRS that’s not documented, it won’t know, right? Maybe.

Form 3949 A

Simply titled “Information Referral,” IRS Form 3949 A, pictured below, facilitates squealing on tax cheats. Though the Form asks for the squealer’s name and contact information, the Form’s instructions say, “This Information is not Required to Process Your Report” (emphasis in original). So anyone with a grudge can take a shot at causing you some grief, and potentially money and jail time, anonymously.

The Moral

The morals of this story are 1) fill out your tax return honestly, and 2) keep your mouth shut about anything and everything related to your tax return. It’s frustrating to know others are successfully dodging taxes, without consequence, for years and to read about the relatively low tax paid by certain high-income individuals. But tax evasion is serious stuff; you don’t want to go there.

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  1. thisthatand themba

    Very interesting,  Never knew the form that you would complete to blow a whistle on someone!!  Not that i know of any…lol…

    • Good incentive to follow the ‘straight & narrow’ on taxes though, do you agree? I wonder how many of these Forms the IRS gets anonymously from someone just trying to cause a hassle for a party they’ve got a vendetta against…

  2. If the IRS offered a reward, it would probably be deluged by these forms!

  3. Wow, never knew this form existed! Makes me laugh, actually. We all learn something new every day, as the saying goes.

  4. Thad Puckett

    Wonder when the IRS will start recruiting children to rat out their parents?

  5. izraulhidashi

    Banks have been getting away with tax fraud for ever, not to mention all the REMIC fraud in the last 8 years alone amounting to billions if not trillions, all in the face of the IRS, and yet they want to know if the average citizen finds a penny on the ground… lol. That is good stuff!

    There should be a Form to blow the whistle on them….

  6. Gum_ball_death

    My ex gets paid under the table at her full time job and isn’t going to report her earnings. I guess I’ll be filling out a 3949-A on her. Payback’s a motherf**ker!!!! That’s what she gets for cheating on me…and her taxes! I never thought I’d ever thank the IRS…but THANK YOU, IRS!!!!!!

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