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Everything is Fine -- Keep ShoppingIf you’ve been here long, you know I’m not a “shopper.” I’d prefer a root canal to entering a retail store without knowing exactly where to find what I’ve already decided to buy. I lived in the Twin Cities of Minnesota for 18 years and never once passed through the Mall of America’s doors. It wasn’t hard—I don’t like malls, and the bigger they are, the more I don’t like them. 🙂

Stay Home on Black Friday?!?

So yeah I know it’s easy for me to tell people to stay home on Black Friday, which is, for me, the absolute worst day of the year to rub elbows (and potentially exchange knuckle sandwiches) with people desperate to take on more high interest debt to do what I already dislike: shop.

But for many of you, I think Black Friday is like heroin: you know it’s stupid and bad for you and you shouldn’t do it, but the lure is overwhelming. For this group I offer a remedy: fun and constructive stuff you can do on Black Friday to keep your mind off that TV deal that’s whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

A sign that materialism has reached a pinnacle?

15 Non-Shopping Ideas for Black Friday

Some of these will take just a few minutes. Feel free to embrace more than one of my ideas! 😉

    1. Locate all the “bargains” in your house that you bought on Black Friday 2014. Oh, you don’t remember what you bought, or can’t find the stuff? Hmmmm, interesting.
    2. Declare Black Friday electronics-free and spend the day getting acquainted with your holiday visitors and those people with whom you share a home.
    3. Hold a garage sale with the aim of selling enough stuff to make unnecessary your rented self-storage unit. Then funnel the freed up monthly rent into your IRA.
    4. Find ten things in your house worth more than $25 that you don’t need and put them up on eBay. Every family member contributes at least two items. Stash half of the proceeds into an IRA and use the rest of the loot for a family pizza outing.
    5. Use the debt payoff calculator in the left sidebar on the Money Counselor homepage to learn how long it will take before you’re high-interest debt free. Then resolve to become high-interest debt free within five years. Volume 1 of my Simple Guides, “Be Debt Free!”, will help you make it happen. If you can’t afford the Guide’s modest price, write to me and make your case for a free copy. I’m probably easier than you think. 🙂
    6. Spend an hour with your family watching Black Friday fights on YouTube. Feel superior to your neighbors who are wasting their day shopping.
    7. Plan a raised bed vegetable garden for next season.
    8. Write a one-page, bulletized document with this title: How We Will Save Enough Cash for the Retirement We Want When We Want It.
    9. Do the calculations to fill in the blank at the end of this sentence: “If I put $5 per day into an IRA account where I earn 5% annually, in 30 years I’ll have _________.” This calculator will help.
    10. Gather your family for one hour and brainstorm: how would our lives be different if we were debt free? Visualize yourself debt free.
    11. Read the book Your Money or Your Life.
    12. Make ice cream.
    13. Download your free annual credit report and see how you’re doing. Take action to correct any unfavorable errors. If your credit score isn’t what you’d like it to be, check out my Guide “Raise Your Credit Score the Right Way”.
    14. Calculate your net worth. See how you compare to other Americans.
    15. Plan a family vacation for next summer. That includes the cost and getting every family member to commit to a plan to save enough cash to pay for it.


What Will You Do on Black Friday?

Since we live in Canada, Black Friday is like any other Friday. Your Black Friday could be the same, only better, if you choose to make it so!

Did you know: If you’re Amazon Prime, you can borrow any or all of my “Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth” through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

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