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stock marketing message overload disorder


Do you suffer from any of these symptoms of “Stock Marketing Message Overload Disorder” (or SMMOD, pronounced smmod)?

  • You believe that stocks outperform every other investment in the long run.
  • “Stocks have returned 7% annually” is effectively tattooed on your brain.
  • You believe that the only way to build a nest egg large enough to support the sort of retirement you want is to buy stocks.
  • You think mutual fund managers who pick stocks in which to invest your money provide a valuable service worth paying for.
  • You believe financial advisers disregard their own self-interest when making recommendations to clients.
  • You would feel dumb to admit in mixed company that owning stocks makes you nervous.

If so, I have the cure for even the most virulent strain of SMMOD, so read on!

Stocks Are Riskier Than You Probably Think

I own equities (though they comprise only about 15% of our total financial assets).

Some of my best friends buy stocks.

I know lots of people have made lots of money in the stock market. (Though in my opinion, the biggest and most consistent winners—those who never depend on luck to make money—are those who, like casino owners, run ‘the game.’) The way media and marketing work, people who’ve gotten wealthy buying stocks make the news and become stock selling promotional fodder, while the millions of small investors crushed by money management fees and stock value gyrations get no publicity.

My message is most definitely not “don’t buy stocks.” It’s this: before you buy stocks, get educated about equity investing’s true risks.

And getting educated means taking the SMMOD cure by absorbing information generated by people without a personal stake in the vitality and mass appeal of stock markets. The motivation for so-called “analysis” generated by financial services firms is to generate client fees, period. Such analyses are sales pitches, pure and simple, and sales pitches for any product rarely make a sound basis for decisions. You must look outside of Wall Street to get objective and complete information on stocks’ riskiness.

Once you’re educated and SMMOD-free, jump in the market if you’re so inclined. That’s what we’ve done, though to what the “experts” would consider a far too limited degree.

May I Humbly Recommend an Investing Book?

I’m a bit biased since I wrote the book :), but I recommend that part of your SMMOD remedy include Volume 2 of the Money Counselor Simple Guide series: “Build Wealth WITHOUT Stocks“. Have a look at a free previe through the image below.

In the first part of the Guide, I make the case that stock buying today may be too risky—and riskier than you probably think—to play a dominant role in anything as important as planning your retirement security.

Then comes the more exciting part: brainstorming ideas that don’t involve stock buying to build wealth and secure your retirement. I outline nine wealth-building opportunities you may find intriguing, but my main goal is to get your creative juices flowing so you begin to think differently about building wealth. Once you’ve unburdened yourself of Wall Street mythology, I believe you will begin thinking of wealth-building in new and exciting ways.

Take Control of Your Retirement!

Wouldn’t you rather be in control of your financial destiny instead of relying, through a risky scheme called modern stock markets, on money managers and corporate CEOs you’ve never met and know nothing about? You can be!

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