Carnival of Passive Investing—Tribute to Labor Edition

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AFerris wheel and carnival good friend of mine observes Labor Day by declining to make any purchases on the holiday. I think his view is that everyone should have the day off. And his ‘spending holiday’ is a good tactic to save money too!

The introductory summaries below were submitted by the author. Enjoy!

My Top Picks

  • Lifecycle investing assures you won’t outlive your retirement assets. Find out what Zvi Bodie and Rachel Taquu recommend. Barbara Friedberg presents Is Conventional Investing Wisdom Completely Wrong? Risk Less and Prosper posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.
  • Do you know how much you’re paying in fees for your investments? It may seem like such a small percentage that you ignore it but even seemingly small percentages can have a big impact on your investment returns. Adrienne presents It’s Time to Get Serious About Mutual Fund Fees posted at My Dollar Plan.
  • I-bonds are not well known or understood by the general population. They are inflation-linked savings bonds issued by the US Treasury that are guaranteed to keep up with inflation. Their interest rate will never drop below zero, even if there is prolonged deflation. Bryce presents What Are I-Bonds and What Are They Good For? posted at Save and Conquer.



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Bonus Topics

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