How to Triage Bills – Pa...

Jun 27, 2012 by

Say you’re in a tough but you hope temporary situation where you know you’re going to be short of cash to pay all of your debts and bills. How do decide what to pay?

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Jobless Youth Take Action

May 7, 2012 by

Slammed by the terrible trio of an anemic job market, lower starting pay, and record student debt, young people are organizing to seize the day. Through initiatives like Campaign for Young America and Fix Young America, 20-somethings resolve to find or create jobs for themselves, move out of their parents’ basements, and resurrect America as the land of opportunity.

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Paying Debts in Collections

May 2, 2012 by

If you have a debt in collections, life can get ugly. The last person from whom you want to take advice about how to resolve the debt is a debt collector. Instead, form your own plan based on your situation and aggressively attack the debt.

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Does Bankruptcy Cure Debt?

Mar 5, 2012 by

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is a debtor’s last resort because, though it eliminates debts, bankruptcy also trashes the debtor’s credit rating. But not all debts can be wiped out even through the extreme step of bankruptcy, leaving a severely distressed debtor with no resort.

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Banks Now Payday Lenders

Jan 20, 2012 by

Payday lenders fear the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may cut into their profits. Sleazy industry operators–now including Big Banks–could be forced to charge “just” 36% interest on loans instead of the 400%+ rate to which they’ve grown accustomed. Horrors! Shall we all rise to the defense of these well-meaning businesses before they’re oppressed by Big Government??

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Know Your Limitations

Dec 9, 2011 by

Don’t try to run out the clock on an overdue debt you can afford to repay. But know that debt collectors’ most persuasive tools can no longer be used after the “statute of limitations” kicks in.

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Reverse Bank Robbery

Dec 2, 2011 by

Big Banks are now competing in the predatory, hyper-profitable field known traditionally as “payday lending.” Though renamed by high-paid bank marketing gurus as “direct deposit loans,” they’re indistinguishable from payday loans in the only respect that matters: Interest rates of 300-400%. No wonder America’s nearly busted banks are interested!

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Can’t Make Minimum Credi...

Nov 30, 2011 by

Short of cash to make all of your minimum monthly credit card payments? Don’t panic. Here’s how to do the best you can with what you have.

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FTC Slams Debt Collector

Nov 22, 2011 by

U.S. District Court orders Rincon Debt Management of California to stop deceiving, abusing consumers and freezes its assets.

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How Much Emergency Savings?

Nov 18, 2011 by

Don’t depend on the kindness of strangers when it comes to judging how large your emergency savings fund should be.

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