Big News at Money Counselor!

Apr 24, 2015 by

If you are in debt, want a higher credit score, mistrust Wall Street, or yearn for a comfortable retirement, I have great news for you!

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IRAs and Your Taxes

Apr 13, 2015 by

The 2014 IRA contribution deadline is Wednesday. If you’re wavering on whether to contribute, here’s an easy-to-understand primer on the tax benefits of IRAs.

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NASDAQ 5000 Hoopla

Mar 5, 2015 by

As Wall Street prepares to celebrate the NASDAQ’s imminent recovery—after 15 years—to its all time high, the carnage of the index’s 78% crash is forgotten and ignored.

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The New myRA

Dec 23, 2014 by

The new myRA tax advantaged savings account offers a decent return with zero risk of losing what you put in.

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Don’t Miss These Tax Sav...

Dec 16, 2014 by

Uncle Sam’s holiday gift for those who aren’t naughty with their IRAs is hefty tax savings!

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Save a Million? Yeah, Right.

Aug 28, 2014 by

The “experts” say you need to save at least a million dollars to retire comfortably. What’s Money Counselor’s carefully considered comment? HORSE HOCKEY!

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Spend Now or Spend Later

Jun 3, 2014 by

What’s your mentality: Spend now and save later? Save now and spend later? Something in between?

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Killer Fund Fees

Apr 23, 2014 by

A new report illustrates the devastating impact of investing fees on the growth of your retirement savings.

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10% Early Withdrawal Tax

Mar 21, 2014 by

You probably know that the IRS hits early retirement plan withdrawals with a 10% penalty tax. But did you know of the many exceptions where the usual tax penalty doesn’t apply?

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Is Social Security Taxable?

Mar 7, 2014 by

The Social Security Administration giveth, and the IRS taketh away.

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