Credit Score Flu Cure

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flu victimIs your credit score lower than you’d like it to be? Are you paying through the nose for credit, or been turned down altogether? Then you could be suffering from “credit score flu.”

Credit Score Flu Symptoms

A thermometer won’t help you diagnose a case of credit score flu. Typical symptoms include:

  • High interest rate-itis — you can borrow money only at double-digit rates
  • Landlord-aphobia — owners of quality rental housing don’t want you as a tenant
  • Employer-uria — you have been rejected for job openings solely because your credit score isn’t high enough
  • Insurance skyrocketus — your insurance premiums for your home and car are extraordinarily high

Two aspirin and bed rest won’t help any of these symptoms (though they won’t hurt either 🙂 ). But unlike when you have the real flu, you’re not stuck treating symptoms. You can cure the credit score flu!

You Have the Power to Raise Your Credit Score

Your credit score is not some number that someone else pinned on you and there’s nothing you can do about it. All it takes to start raising your credit score today is a little knowledge.

No, you can’t dramatically boost your score overnight (regardless of what the “credit repair” rip-off artists of the world say). But if you take just an hour or two to learn about credit scores and then act on what you learn, your score will rise—I guarantee it! Your score’s rise will be more like an elevator than a rocket, but the effect will be long-lasting and qualify of life boosting!


There’s No Trick to Raising Your Credit Score

I wish I could reveal right here the trick to optimizing your credit score. If there were one, I would! But there is no trick or magic wand, except in the scammy world of so-called credit repair. But optimizing your credit score isn’t hard either. In fact, it’s easy. You just need to know what to do!

Here’s where I plug the Money Counselor Simple Guide Raise Your Credit Score the Right Way.

What’s my sales pitch? This: everything you need to know to optimize your credit score is in this compact Guide. Some of the recommendations won’t surprise you—pay your bills on time—but you will also learn that certain of your practices may be hurting your credit score, though you had no idea! And you will learn very simple things you can do that will help boost your credit score.

If you already have a stellar score, you want to keep it that way and not inadvertently do something—because you didn’t know better—that will ding your score. Knowledge of how credit scores work is important for you too!

The Guide includes an exclusive link to a handy Credit Score Quick Reference Aid to which you can refer to help keep your eye on the credit score ball.

You Don’t Need a Kindle Device to Read a Kindle Book!

This Simple Guide is a Kindle book, but did you know Amazon offers free apps that allow you to read a Kindle book on just about any electronic device? Learn more here.

Start Optimizing Your Credit Score Today!

Raising your credit score is so easy, and a high credit score helps underpin a successful long-term financial plan. Think of it this way: With a low credit score, you’re running life’s money marathon uphill. But with a high credit score, you almost coast downhill. Both ways you have to go the same distance, but a high credit score makes finishing the race far less challenging and more fun!

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