Disaster Prep and Recovery

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Red CrossTo help insulate your family’s financial cart from the upsets that inevitably happen to all of us, building an emergency fund should be job #1. But there’s a lot more you can do to prepare for crises that will both help control the financial impact on your family and speed recovery.

Disasters and Financial Planning

Fortunately for you and me, the Red Cross, National Endowment for Financial Education, and AICPA have teamed up to produce a pretty handy Guide to help us out. It’s called:

Disasters and Financial Planning: A Guide for Preparedness and Recovery

To give you a quick idea of what the Guide is about, I hope its copyright owners won’t mind if I reproduce here the Guide’s Table of Contents:

Disasters and Recovery Guide Table of Contents

A feature of this Guide I really like is that each chapter concludes with a checklist. I’m one of those freaks who don’t know what to do each day without a list, so the checklists really help me get done what I need to get done to be disaster ready.

Even better, the whole Guide is incredibly easy to read and absorb. It’s succinct and relies on bullet points to get the message across. I find this works perfectly for me in both quickly grasping the material and getting organized to do the preparation I need to do.

Disaster Befalls Us All

I wonder how many victims of the several big natural disasters—Sandy, Katrina, any of the many tornadoes that hit the US every summer, etc.—if they happen to read this article and have a look at the Guide, would wish they had the opportunity to work their way through this Guide before disaster struck.

This was no big disaster, but I learned a lesson when our house was burglarized a few years ago. Some electronics were stolen, and the first question from the RCMP constable was whether I’d recorded serial numbers. Because I figured we’d never be burglarized and because I’m lazy, I hadn’t bothered. That pretty much ended any prospect of property recovery. And made me feel like a dope.

Disasters always happen to somebody else—those people we see on television, right? Well, no. They happen to all of us, sooner or later. Many of us (I know I’m guilty) think we’re somehow magically protected until fate proves us wrong. Then, maybe, we better prepare, having learned ‘the hard way.’

Are You Prepared?

Take a quick scan through the Guide using the link above. How ready are you for disaster? Because huge mega-thrust earthquakes will inevitably happen in the area where we live, I’m somewhat prepared. But with this Guide’s help I see I have more important work to do!

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