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Budgeting and Debt Repayment Help for Canadians

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada offers free, no obligation credit counseling services, by phone and face-to-face. Its counselors assist in developing a stable monthly budget while making suggestions on areas of potential savings or obvious overspending, and offer an assessment of all debt-repayment options available to an individual based on their personal circumstances and their ability to repay outstanding debts.

If your budget has a sufficient monthly surplus, Consolidated Credit may be able to set you up with a fantastic debt management program (DMP) that allows for repayment of debts at a significantly reduced (typically 0%) interest rate and lower monthly payment. In my opinion, DMPs are the best way to repay unsecured (like credit card) debt for most people most of the time.

Watch this short video to learn more about Consolidated Credit’s services.

Consolidated Credit is a registered charitable, non-profit organization, a member of the Canadian Association of Credit Counseling Services, and has an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To get in touch with a counselor, call 1 (844) 257-5848 or click here.

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