Free Pizza Coupon Malware

Nov 6, 2014 by

Has something like this shown up in your Inbox?

Pizza Coupon Scam

Free pizza! Who can resist? Well, we all should, because anyone who clicks on that free pizza coupon link will have facilitated the installation of malware on his or her computer. They will have been scammed, and worst of all: no free pizza!

How to Recognize a Phishing Email Scam

This particular phishing scam apparently is widespread enough to have attracted the Federal Trade Commission’s attention. Through its useful blog, the FTC explains how you could have identified this message as a scam. The same techniques apply to many phishing scams. Here are the FTC’s hints:

  • The email might have gone to your junk folder.
  • The sender’s email address isn’t a Pizza Hut email address.
  • When you hover over the coupon link, it doesn’t show
  • If you type in the web address for Pizza Hut, you won’t see anything about free pizza on the company’s official site
    if you do a search on Pizza Hut’s 55th anniversary, you’ll find out from news articles that the company just offered discounted pizza—last year.
  • Ask yourself if you signed up to get email discounts from this company. If not, it’s unlikely they’d send you a real discount out of the blue.

If you’re like me, though your intellectual side may be telling you that a message like this just doesn’t look right, your cheap side is urging you to go for the goodies, a free pizza in this case! Just remember: one click on that coupon link and there’s no going back. You could be in for some nasty consequences from the malware installation you’ve just initiated.

Have You Been Phished?

Have you received the fake Pizza Hut® email pictured above? Have you ever fallen for a phishing scam?

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