Happy Anniversary to Us!

Jan 2, 2017 by

our wedding partyToday is Ms. Money Counselor’s and my 20th wedding anniversary! Hooray for us! Thought I’d take a timeout from the money stuff to post a tribute to my wife.

On our 20th wedding anniversary, twenty reasons I’m happy and grateful to share a marriage with Ms. Money Counselor:

  1. Her so easily summoned bright and beautiful smile.
  2. The energy boost she can bring instantly to any room or gathering.
  3. She was and is game for our ongoing expatriate adventure.
  4. She’s always happy to see me.
  5. When we travel, she researches in advance restaurants that offer food I’m willing to eat.
  6. Most people Ms. Money Counselor knows—even casually—seek her out when they have troubles that need talking out.
  7. With a single Facebook post, Ms. Money Counselor can produce 80 people at a local nightclub ready to spend an evening group-dancing.
  8. A combination of falling snow and a fire in the fireplace make her very happy.
  9. While she may not fully appreciate the affect on people of an existential experience (and nobody who hasn’t had one does), she does appreciate that the effects likely aren’t trivial nor short-term nor unchanging.
  10. In our marriage, we each take the lead in what we’re naturally good at. As self-appointed “relationship manager,” Ms. Money Counselor deserves much of the credit for our marriage’s longevity and quality. I organize storage space and make sure we don’t overdraw the checking account. 🙂
  11. Ms. Money Counselor gets great joy from seeing happy together a couple she introduced.
  12. She doesn’t consider introversion a character defect that needs correction.
  13. Because she’s genuinely interested in their lives, she makes an effort to stay in touch with everyone she’s ever met—or so it seems.
  14. Because the biggest challenge for me of meeting my dietary preferences is the unavoidable time and trouble required, sometimes she cleans up after I cook just for myself.
  15. Her folks’ many wonderful characteristics and good parenting are so evident in Ms. Money Counselor.
  16. She always gleefully greets puppies of every sort plus Westies of all ages when we’re on a walk.
  17. She tolerates my predilection for solitary hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cycling, and other adventures that some might say push the envelope of safety and good sense, especially for a middle-aged guy with a patched up major organ.
  18. She cried when Smarty Jones failed to win the 2004 Belmont Stakes after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.
  19. I told Ms. Money Counselor on our first date that she was one of the most thought-full people I’d met, and that’s still true today.
  20. Her predictable reaction when she reads this.

I could go on, but I’ll save some for our 30th! 🙂

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