IRS Impostor Scams Rising

Feb 5, 2015 by

tax id theft awareness week logoTax season has become perhaps the prime operating time of the year for entrepreneurial vermin to come out for under their rocks. Scams related to taxes have skyrocketed the past couple of years. Scammers are using taxpayers’ stolen Social Security numbers to file fraudulent returns before the taxpayer files their return. The crook collects a fat refund check based on the made-up return. And scammers pretending to be IRS representatives are phoning taxpayers to threaten lawsuits and other sanctions unless you send money.

The problems has gotten so severe that the Federal Trade Commission now sponsors an annual Tax ID Theft awareness week, just completed for 2015. The agency published this useful infographic as part of its public education campaign. Check out the slope on the FTC complaint graph over just two years!

IRS impostor infographic IRS Impostor 2 IRS Impostor 3 IRS Impostor 4

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