Layaway Program Update

Nov 6, 2013 by

I’m excited! The Money Counselor Layaway Program is a huge hit! To quote from just a few of the accolades:

  • “Your ‘layaway program’ is pure genius.” – my Dad, but still
  • “I understand what you’re saying.” – Bryce (the strongest—and possibly only—compliment I’ve received yet on my blogging. And after only two years and 373 posts. I’m psyched!)
  • “…my checkbook is OUT…” – Kathleen (I don’t know for what Kathleen’s saving, but I do know she won’t be spending her layaway fund at Sal’s 😉 )
  • ” Nice program.” – Demaish (my Mom always said “if you can’t be smart, be nice”)
  • “I love this…let me know if you need a partner!!” – MoneySmartGuides (double exclamations in the original)
  • “Excellent program!” – Grayson (and this guy really knows his stuff!)
  • “You may be on to something here.” – cellotime (didn’t Crick remark something similar to Watson?)

Layaway Program Progress Bar

To help Money Counselor readers track my layaway program’s status during the upcoming “shopping season” (I hate that term—when is “saving season”?), I’ve added a layaway program progress bar at the top right (→↑) of this and every Money Counselor webpage. To get things rolling—and also to make that little green bar creep across a bit because otherwise you’d wonder what the empty rectangle means—Ms. Money Counselor has deposited $100 in Money Counselor layaway. In accord with the program’s rules, which are

  1. You send me money.
  2. I’ll hold it for you.
  3. When you want your money, I’ll send it to you.

I’ll give the $100 back to her when she’s ready to buy whatever it is she’s saving for (probably a good divorce attorney).

I challenge Walmart to add a similar progress bar to its website. HA!

What’s Next?

Inspired by the feedback I’ve gotten on my layaway program, I’ve been noodling a few other entrepreneurial notions. Check these out:

bottled water

But it’s not single-serve.

  • Single serve tap water — What are two of the hottest trends of the past decade? Bottled water and single serve coffee. My idea is to merge these two. I’ll run $.000001 worth of water from my kitchen tap into single-serving sized plastic bottles labeled “Money Counselor ‘Springs'” and sell the sealed bottles of water for $1.39 each. I’ve studied Aquafina’s® business model, and I think this is pretty much what it does, except my advantage is I’ve got the single-serve craze going for me.
  • Go public — By the end of the week, a service that helps people send each other 140-character maximum messages will be valued at about $25 billion (that’s $179 million per message character) and hordes of hapless “retail investors” will have shelled out ~$45 per share to become part owners of the service. Don’t you think Money Counselor has more value than a 140-character message service? Wait, don’t answer that.
  • ‘Manly muffler sound’ CD — Have you noticed the growing population of mega-pickup trucks outfitted with after-market mufflers that make a deep, loud, rhythmic, rumbling sound? I think certain males believe this sound is an aphrodisiac for the sort of females they aim to attract. But those mufflers have to cost, what, a few grand at least? My plan is to record the same sound, burn it onto a few million CDs, and sell the CDs for $9.95 each. Then a guy can ride with his windows down and CD player cranked and get the same effect while saving enough on big mufflers to fund his IRA for a year! And I’m keen to see the reactions I get while cruising the strip in my 2001 Camry while blasting manly muffler sound out the windows!

Understand these are still on the drawing board; I’ve got a few details to work out.

You might be wondering why I’m not worried about someone stealing an idea from me. Have you checked Money Counselor’s visitor traffic statistics lately, hell-llo-o?

Let me know your thoughts!


Photo by John Althouse Cohen on Flickr.

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