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Money Counselor horizontal logoI’ve done some spring-cleaning and sprucing up around here.

First, Money Counselor has a new logo →

Or perhaps I should say Money Counselor actually has a logo. 🙂

(By the way, I had this logo done through*. In a nutshell, you describe your project, and a bunch of independent designers who have signed up with 99Designs then submit competing designs in what 99Designs calls a “contest.” You give feedback and guidance along the way, fine-tuning the entries. In the end, you choose a winner. Around thirty designers participated in my logo contest, submitting over 80 designs!)

Sleeker and Smarter

Just as I do at home when Ms. Money Counselor’s back is turned, I’ve tossed out a lot of stuff here that seemed no longer to have value. And I’ve reorganized and repackaged for efficiency Money Counselor’s offerings.

Remember that long list of links that formerly occupied most of one sidebar? After reviewing them all and eliminating the least useful, you’ll find what I think are the ones most likely to help you out through the Free Links tab at the top of every page.

I’ve jettisoned entirely a few sections that I judged few would miss, and you’ll be happy to note I’ve cut down on space devoted to advertising.

Now you can more easily find what you came here for: ideas and information to help you make better money choices!

My Apologies in Advance, Blogger Friends

One item I’ve trashed is the Money Counselor blogroll, that list of other blogs you see on most sites of this type. Blogrolls exist to subvert Google’s search algorithm. For those of you happily unversed in the ways of the World Wide Web: one way Google ranks websites is by the number and popularity of sites that link to that website. So the more sites that link to Money Counselor, the better Money Counselor ranks, in Google’s Internet-godly estimation. Sites exchange links in blogrolls (and by many other means) as part of their effort to improve search rankings. That means when you have a blogroll on your site, you’re inundated with requests from sites—some of which you’ve never even visited—to add their site to your blogroll, and they’ll do the same for you (wink, wink). To be honest, I’m a bit tired of this disingenuous game. If that comes across as ‘holier than thou,’ so be it.

You’ll notice I do have a section of links to websites entitled “I Read These,” and I do—read them, that is. I regularly visit these sites myself because I find them helpful and interesting to me personally. Whether any of the sites listed incorporate some sort of reciprocal link to Money Counselor, I don’t know, and I don’t care. That doesn’t mean I don’t read articles on any other websites, but these are in the personal finance sphere, and I visit them with more regularity than others.

If I start getting lots of requests from sites I know little or nothing about to be added to Money Counselor’s I Read These list in exchange for a link to Money Counselor, I’ll probably eliminate the I Read These link section altogether and be done with it.

It’s not all bad news, fellow bloggers: I do enjoy publishing guest posts from friends in the personal finance blogging world, and I invite submissions. Just read my Guest Post page please.

More Excitement: I’m Publishing a Kindle Book Series!

I spent much of the rainy winter here on the west coast of North America writing a series of short-ish books I’m about to publish. I’m really excited!

The series, called the Money Counselor Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth, comprises five Guides of 7,000 to 9,000 words in length each. They’ll be published as Kindle Books and available on Amazon, both individually and in a, of course value-priced, package. (Did you know you do not need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book? Amazon offers a free Kindle reader app for just about any computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

To get a little buzz going, here’s a sneak preview of the Guides’ titles / subtitles and a very brief headline on each:

Be Debt Free! — The simplest, fastest system to kill your debt

Pay off your credit card, medical, and other unsecured debts fast, in full, and using the least cash with this foolproof, do-it-yourself system. Reclaim the cash you’re spending on interest and watch your credit score rise as your account balances fall!

Settle Your Debt in 10 Easy Steps — Pay off an overdue debt for much less than you owe

End debt collection calls and begin restoring your credit rating and pride by negotiating a settlement of your past due debts.

WIN the Battle with Debt Collectors! — Feeling harassed? Get the upper hand

Are you sick of constant harassment by debt collectors? You don’t have to take it anymore! Learn your rights, how to recognize the illegal tactics and tricks debt collectors commonly use, how to communicate with debt collectors, and how to fight back and stop harassment.

Raise Your Credit Score the Right Way — Save money and open doors

Get the money-saving, door-opening advantages of a higher credit score. Save the fees and time wasted on so-called “credit repair” and opt instead for this permanent, legitimate solution to your credit rating woes.

Build Wealth WITHOUT Stocks — Free yourself from the myth that you must buy stocks

Wall Street’s marketing gurus have succeeded in making us think we’ll never retire if we don’t buy stocks. It’s a lie! Everyone can build wealth and retire comfortably without suffering stocks’ gut-wrenching risks.

Thank You!

These re-branding and imminent book-publishing milestones for Money Counselor seem like an appropriate time to say: Thank You! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for sharing my stuff, and thanks for your support!

I hope you enjoy the Money Counselor Simple Guides series. Naturally I’ll announce the publication date here. The Guides won’t cost much, and I feel sure you’ll find each worth your time and money!


* Because I genuinely liked the service, Money Counselor became a 99Designs affiliate.

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