“Man in a Hurry”

Jul 3, 2012 by

Sheriff Andy TaylorToday’s news of Andy Griffith’s death really saddened me. I had to search out my favorite episode of The Andy Griffith Show, called “Man in a Hurry.” Corporate magnate Malcolm Tucker re-learns what life is really about when his car breaks down on a Sunday outside of Bible-belt town Mayberry, North Carolina. By the end of the show, you might say Mr. Tucker has been reborn.

I love the philosophy of life embedded in The Andy Griffith Show in general, but this show in particular. Fun means making homemade ice cream, going uptown for a bottle of pop, watching TV with Thelma Lou, peeling apples, and singing, rocking, and playing guitar softly on the front porch. No thing and nobody is so important as to justify disrupting the peace and serenity of a Sunday afternoon.

What’s all this have to do with personal finance and money? Everything, my friends, everything.

The video is nearly 27 minutes long, requiring far more patience than Malcolm Tucker would have been
able to muster at the start of the episode, but its effects can linger for days or weeks or—if you’re really lucky—a lifetime.

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