Mobile Gift Cards

Dec 12, 2011 by

The Magi and baby JesusHow about giving a gift this season that you can buy from the prone position on your couch, requires no postage or wrapping, has a small environmental footprint, can’t be misplaced or stolen, and that the recipient will love? Check out mobile gift cards. They’re like soon-to-be-obsolete plastic gift cards, except mobile gift cards exist only in cyberspace.

Among the many companies offering mobile gift cards are 7-Eleven, McDonalds, and CostCo, making it easy to stuff your family members’ stockings with virtual Big Gulps, Big Macs, and Big Jars of Pickles!

One catch: The beneficiary of your generosity needs a smartphone to use a mobile gift card. They’re stored on a password-protected network that the cardholder accesses through his or her smartphone at the retail checkout. The retailer scans the card’s barcode from the smartphone screen (or types in the barcode number), and presto: the cardholder has done your gift-shopping work for you.

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