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Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and WealthAre the Simple Guides for You?

Are you in debt?

Would you like to improve your credit rating?

Does the thought of trusting Wall Street with your money cause your gut to tighten a bit?

Is comfortable retirement one of your goals?

Then you will find worthwhile time spent reading one or more of the Money Counselor Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth!

Each Guide includes free exclusive access to Simple Guide ActionSheets™ to make even simpler putting to work what you will learn.

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“The Money Counselor Simple Guides are packed full of useful, helpful and simple information that anyone can understand.  Before you spend hours reading through thick finance books, do yourself a favor and fly through this quick series.  These guides may be short, but they’re packed with timeless information!” — Kalen Bruce, founder of MoneyMiniBlog, debt-free family man and seasoned finance/productivity writer.

“The Guides are easy to read. The ideas presented are sound, well thought-through, and worthwhile. Careful study of the guides can get you (or anyone) into a better spot and make you more finance-savvy.” — Curt Dederich, followed the “Your Money or Your Life” plan to retire from paid employment at 41, debt-free, then on to manage ‘The Sunshine Time Foundation,’ and later, be a stay-at-home dad

“If you or someone you know is currently struggling with the burden of debt and needs encouragement I highly recommend Kurt’s Be Debt Free! Guide to help get the wisdom necessary to become debt free. Packed with actionable tips and real-life examples, Kurt makes clear that killing debt once and for all is attainable regardless of your situation. If paying off debt has seemed impossible to you in the past, Kurt makes somewhat complex steps easy to tackle in order to see real traction that will change your financial life for the better.” — John Schmoll, MBA, entrepreneur and blogger at Frugal Rules.

“Money Counselor’s Simple Guides are a refreshing take on a subject that for me, has been mundane, tedious and arcane for most of my life: personal finance. With this series of monographs Kurt has reduced, I should say elevated, finance to a level that I can understand and to which I can relate to my own experience. The personal and historical perspectives shed new light on shadowy topics that I had avoided for too long. This series is an excellent resource for the practical and realistic neophytes among us and is an invaluable tool I think should be adopted by junior and senior high schools across the country.” — Steven B., retired engineer, landlord, community volunteer, unrepentant revolutionary

“Debt is one of the greatest causes of financial stress. Americans with too much debt deprive themselves of the opportunity to become financially secure. Debt-ridden consumers lack money for their future, their children’s education, and important life goals. Fischer’s Be Debt Free! is the ideal guide to motivate and train you to get out of debt. With his practical approach, you will learn to get rid of debt in the most efficient manner, and have the resources to build true lifetime wealth.” — Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS author of Personal Finance; Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management, How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery and Invest and Beat the Pros. Her investing website, Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, teaches wealth building tactics.

“The Debt, Credit, and Wealth Series is a refreshingly comprehensive set of guides for personal finance. Kurt breaks down what you need to know across the five guides, explaining some tough subjects in a way that is easy to understand. In each guide, you get more than the typical ebook with its superficial detail. You get a full plan that you can follow for measurable results.” — Joseph Hogue, CFA, investment analyst and blogger managing two sites, Crowd101 and PeerFinance101 covering crowdfunding and personal finance.

The Simple Guides

Vol 1:  Be Debt Free! — The simplest, fastest system to kill your debt

Pay off your credit card, medical, and other unsecured debts fast, in full, and using the least cash with this foolproof, do-it-yourself system. Reclaim the cash you are spending on interest and watch your credit score rise as your account balances fall.

Easily set up and run a highly effective, do-it-yourself debt repayment campaign with the comprehensive, detailed instructions in this Simple Guide.

When you adopt my system, you will:

  • Fully pay off your debts with the least cash and in the shortest time possible
  • Control how quickly you become debt free
  • Stay motivated by accelerating progress on paying off debt as your account balances fall faster and faster each month
  • Benefit from a steadily rising credit score from the day your campaign begins.

I explain in the Guide how to use the system to pay off all types of unsecured debt: credit cards, medical debt, debts in collections—even payday loans!

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Vol 2:  Build Wealth WITHOUT Stocks — Free yourself from the myth that you must buy stocks

Wall Street’s marketing gurus have succeeded in making us think we will never retire if we do not buy stocks. It’s a lie! Everyone can build wealth and retire comfortably without suffering stocks’ gut-wrenching risks.

This Simple Guide describes why stock investing is riskier than you probably think, then explains how to take control of your money and build wealth, without buying stocks if you choose, to help assure the sort of retirement you want.

You do not have to buy stocks to retire comfortably. You don’t have to turn over control of your hard-earned savings to a stranger to save enough to retire. Now doesn’t just reading that help you feel less stressed?

In this Guide you will learn strategies you can implement and steps you can take, on your own and without Wall Street’s “help,” to build the wealth you need and want.

I am not pitching yet another get-rich-quick or make-money-at-home scheme. Rather this Guide highlights practical, simple, and common sense solutions anyone can carry out who wants to follow a lower risk, less stress, and effective path to a secure retirement.

The Amazon Kindle Store and retail bookshelves overflow with impressively titled tomes on stock investing. If buying stocks rightly makes you nervous but you want a comfortable retirement, this Guide is for you.

Buy Build Wealth WITHOUT Stocks.

Vol 3:  Raise Your Credit Score the Right Way — Save money and open doors

Get the money-saving, door-opening advantages of a higher credit score. Save the fees and time wasted on so-called “credit repair” and opt instead for my permanent, legitimate solution to your credit rating woes.

This Simple Guide explains what you should and should not do to optimize your credit score.

Boosting your credit score is about much more than just paying your bills on time. You may be inadvertently hurting your score through behaviors you had no idea were connected to credit scores. It’s easy to build and maintain a high credit score once you know the ‘ins and outs’ of how your actions affect your score.

By following the clearly explained and specific, actionable suggestions in this Guide, your credit score will definitely rise. How fast and far your score will rise depends on the specifics of your credit history.

This Guide is NOT about so-called “credit repair,” which is always a rip-off! Remember: There is no way permanently to remove accurate, unfavorable information from a credit report. Skeptical? Go to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s website and search “credit repair”.

Buy Raise Your Credit Score the Right Way.

Vol 4:  Settle Your Debt in 10 Easy Steps — Pay off an overdue debt for much less than you owe

End debt collection calls and begin restoring your credit rating and pride by negotiating a settlement of your past due debts.

This Simple Guide walks you, step-by-step, through the process to settle an overdue debt that has been hanging over your head.

You will gain the confidence to negotiate directly with your creditor an agreement to pay off an overdue debt for much less than you owe!

By following the steps in this Guide, you will reach an enforceable, affordable settlement with a creditor that will eliminate your past due debt, end collection tactics, and immediately boost your credit rating. The steps are easy to follow, specific, and effective.

If a high-fee-but-no-guarantee debt settlement company can settle your debt, then so can you!

Buy Settle Your Debt in 10 Easy Steps

Vol 5:  WIN the Battle with Debt Collectors! — Feeling harassed? Get the upper hand.

Are you sick of constant harassment by debt collectors? You don’t have to take it anymore! Learn your rights, how to recognize the illegal tactics and tricks debt collectors commonly use, how to communicate with debt collectors, and how to fight back and stop harassment.

This Simple Guide teaches past due debtors their rights, how to defend those rights, and when and how to communicate with debt collectors.

Debt collectors routinely take advantage of debtors’ ignorance of their rights, flaunt the law that restricts their collection activities, and rely on intimidation and harassment to try to squeeze payments out of debtors.

After reading this Guide you will know:

  • Which common tactics used by debt collectors are illegal
  • When it is to your advantage to communicate with a debt collector, and how to control that communication
  • How to avoid being tricked into breathing new life into a debt that is about to become legally uncollectable
  • How to fight back against law-breaking debt collectors, even turning the tables and suing for damages!

If you owe a legitimate debt, you can’t stop the holder of the debt from legally trying to collect. But illegal debt collection tactics take a toll on your health, relationships, and peace of mind. After reading this Guide you will feel empowered to take confidently simple steps to defend yourself against punishing and demeaning debt collection tactics.

Buy WIN the Battle with Debt Collectors!

Value-Priced Package of All Five Simple Guides!

Buy Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth: Volumes 1-5.


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