New Jobs for Lawyers

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New Jobs You Can Access with a Law Degree

We’ve talked about how raising your income can really help fast-track your effort to repay your debts and be once again financially free. One of the best investments to make in this case is an investment in education. Thanks to distance learning programs and online courses, it is now possible to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field of your choice without leaving your full time job.

A law degree is one of the most promising degrees to have, especially now there is a huge increase in demand for law professionals. Here are some of the best new jobs you can access once you have completed your course.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

The market is more competitive than ever, so it is not surprising to see negotiations being handled more seriously than ever. A lot of companies even have their own negotiation teams working alongside various departments to help them get the best deals.

A master of science in law is one of the best degrees to have if you want to be part of the negotiation and conflict resolution team in a large corporation. It is a lucrative job with immense rewards; it is a challenging job too, one that will keep you motivated and excited.

The increase in demand for negotiation and conflict resolution specialists will continue to grow over the next 5 to 7 years too. If you’re thinking about enrolling at Champlain College for that online MSL degree, now is the perfect time to get started.

Corporate Secretary

A law degree can also help you boost your career to a whole new level, even when your undergraduate degree is in marketing or business. In fact, the combination can land you a promotion that a lot of people are aiming for: a job as a corporate secretary.

A corporate secretary – despite the ‘secretary’ part – is not someone who handles the mail and mundane tasks. It is a very lucrative position with a lot of responsibilities. A corporate secretary works with directors and managers in keeping the entire company in line with internal – and government – regulations.

A degree in law and the ability to interpret regulations correctly are the two most sought after skills for this position. Once you have a master’s degree in law, you’ll be a shoe-in for this job.

Law Degree for Entrepreneurs

A lot of successful entrepreneurs I know actually have a law degree under their belt. While having a law degree is not necessary if you’re starting your own business, the skills you get while pursuing the master’s degree will help you a lot.

You can, for instance, draft better contracts and negotiate better deals with a law degree and the skills that come with it. You can also worry less about breaking regulations or liabilities to the customers, since you know exactly what you’re doing.

There is an endless array of possibilities, job opportunities and career paths to choose from. What’s important now is to invest your time and money in getting a law degree from a reputable university.

Footnote: I have a nephew who’s midway through Stanford University’s joint JD/MBA 4-year program. Last summer he notched a plum job with a respected worldwide consulting firm, and he already has a post-graduation job offer from this firm.

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