New Year Resolutions

Dec 30, 2019 by

Clearly the marketing geniuses have latched on to the idea that lists attract Americans. 5 Ways to Earn Money at Home! 9 Tips for Flatter Abs! 6 Dream Vacations on a Budget! And so, never one to be left behind by the latest marketing trends, and with tongue only slightly in cheek, Money Counselor presents:

20 Things to Avoid in 2020 to End the Year With More Money Than You Have Now

  1. CNBC
  2. Best Buy
  3. Purchasing a new car
  4. Leasing a car
  5. Whole life insurance
  6. Accessories
  7. Relying on government
  8. Espresso
  9. Anything sold through an infomercial
  10. Adopting hobbies with a name including the letters f, l, g, and o
  11. The Eurozone
  12. Tobacco and tobacco-like products
  13. Lawyers
  14. Owning a boat
  15. Supplements
  16. Befriending people who think spending money and fun are the same
  17. Extended warranties
  18. Shopping malls
  19. Casinos
  20. Stock brokers

What’s on your list for 2020?

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