Our Money: How We Feel

Sep 8, 2015 by

I’m sharing today an interesting infographic titled “How Americans Feel About Their Finances”, courtesy of Masters-in-Accounting.org. It’s always fun to compare how we feel and how we measure up to others.

A few tidbits:

  • 57% of Americans say they’re unprepared for a financial emergency. Hard to know exactly what that means. I hope it does not mean they don’t have even a modest emergency fund.
  • A third of us have no savings. Yikes!
  • 60% had an unexpected large expense in the past year. Since most families apparently experience such an event each year, shouldn’t preparing for an unexpected large expense be part of your plan? Or are you sure you’ll be among the lucky 40% every year? 🙂
  • 20% of Americans think they’ll never be able to retire. And they’re probably right.

What do you find surprising or most alarming in these statistics?

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