Spending Too Much?

Oct 6, 2015 by

Do you wonder every once in a while whether you’re spending too much? Take this short test for a clue to an answer.

12 Signs You’re Spending Too Much

  1. Your credit card balance has more digits than your savings account balance.
  2. The Walmart greeter knows your name.
  3. You think layaway is a savings plan.
  4. You subscribe to a newspaper to get the advertising inserts.
  5. You can’t sleep the night before Black Friday.
  6. You’ve had this thought: “I’ll just put this in the gift closet—it’s such a good deal!”
  7. You rent a self-storage unit.
  8. You’ve forgotten what’s in your self-storage unit.
  9. Balance transfers make you feel clever.
  10. The 7-11 staff calls you “Lotto.”
  11. Minimum monthly credit card payments occupy the same part of your money brain as electricity and rent.
  12. A payday lender sent you a Christmas card last year.

If at least four of these describe you, might be time for a chat with yourself.

And I’ve got a book for you:

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