Self Storage Explosion

Jun 13, 2012 by

Self storage rental units in the U.S. amount to an extra 20 square feet of space for every household. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Driving is Expensive!

May 30, 2012 by

I’m guessing the average person has little idea how much owning—not to mention driving—an automobile actually costs. AAA runs the numbers annually, and recently released its 2012 calculations.

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Save Money Cycling

May 29, 2012 by

It’s Bike-to-Work week! Not only is cycling lots of fun and a great way to stay fit, it’s a lot cheaper than driving one of those four-wheeled beasts!

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Save With Timebanking

Apr 27, 2012 by

Instead of dollars, timebank deposits and withdrawals can be made only in hours. And timebanks don’t send 1099s to the IRS.

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Make Money From Your Car

Mar 28, 2012 by

The average car sits idle 92% of the time. Why not put the beast to work earning money for you?

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3 Diamonds and a Dog #3

Mar 14, 2012 by

Money Counselor series: I share my latest picks for three pieces of online content with the power to help people make better money choices (the Diamonds), and one that doesn’t (a Dog).

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You MUST Remember This

Feb 3, 2012 by

I’m in trouble. If I don’t quickly improve my memorizing ability by a few orders of magnitude, I may be held responsible if a thief steals my retirement nest egg.

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New Year Resolutions

Dec 30, 2011 by

Adopt this simple set of resolutions, and your bank account will magically be fatter at year’s end.

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Dec 23, 2011 by

No worries. Shopping malls don’t stock the best gifts.

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Mobile Gift Cards

Dec 12, 2011 by

The trendiest way to give a gift while expending as little time, thought, and effort as possible!

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