To Save Enough Start Early!

Aug 20, 2013 by

The Web teems with advice on how best to save for retirement. But one recommendation overwhelms all the rest: start saving early so compounding can work its beautiful magic.

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3 Diamonds and a Dog #11

Sep 21, 2012 by

Money Counselor series: I share my latest picks for three pieces of online content with the power to help people make better money choices (the Diamonds), and one that’ll mess you up (a Dog).

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Investment Climate Blues

Dec 22, 2011 by

Is investing a lot riskier than it used to be? Or is it just me?

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High-Dividend Stocks

Dec 8, 2011 by

My problem is I just don’t know if I’m going to live long enough for Wall Street’s wizards to prove I’m an imbecile.

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Reverse Bank Robbery

Dec 2, 2011 by

Big Banks are now competing in the predatory, hyper-profitable field known traditionally as “payday lending.” Though renamed by high-paid bank marketing gurus as “direct deposit loans,” they’re indistinguishable from payday loans in the only respect that matters: Interest rates of 300-400%. No wonder America’s nearly busted banks are interested!

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Online Banking

Dec 1, 2011 by

Afraid of online banks? I was too, until my brick & mortar “hometown” bank started charging me by the syllable for those reassuring chats with its tellers. Online I’m paying fewer fees and earning more interest.

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How Bonds Work

Nov 28, 2011 by

Bond investors have generally done well in recent years. Before you dive in with the hope of earning more than your bank’s 1% CD rate, take the time to understand what drives bond prices.

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