Taking the Yakezie Challenge!

Mar 13, 2012 by

I’m having a great time with this blog and the Money Counselor business. After just four months, I’ve learned so much and “met” (in cyberspace) so many cool, smart people with a lot of interesting ideas and perspectives. I’ve written over a hundred Money Counselor posts—phew! And a couple of them we’re pretty good! 🙂

I feel the time is right  to take on the Yakezie Blog Network challenge. The first step in the challenge is to install the Alexa toolbar. I know the Alexa rankings aren’t exactly the product of refined science, but still, I admit to a short bout of depression when I first saw Money Counselor’s Alexa ranking: 1,641,999. Ouch. That’s humbling. But also motivating.

To meet the Yakezie challenge, for the next six months I must:

  • Post 2-4 times per week (been doing 5 times per week)
  • Install on Money Counselor the Yakezie challenge badge (done)
  • Announce that I’ve joined the challenge (you’re reading it!)
  • Selflessly promote others and build relationships (I’ve been doing this, but look forward to ramping it up)
  • Meet the other Yakezie members and challengers on the Yakezie forum (great!)

To become a Yakezie member, besides succeeding at the above challenges, I have to achieve a 200,000 or better Alexa ranking for Money Counselor within six months. As an ex-Business Coach, I know what it’s going to take to meet this goal: Mainly, persistence!

Wish me luck! My Yakezie challenge results will be reported here in six months.

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