Thanks Mom.

Feb 3, 2014 by

Thanks Mom.

Thanks Mom.

Hello Readers and Friends,

Just wanted to post a short explanation of why I’ve been MIA the past ten days.

My 84-year old mother, Barbara, was in a serious vehicle accident January 22, likely caused by a major stroke she had while driving. My three brothers and I have spent the past week at her hospital in Springfield, Missouri. She passed away last Friday, after five days in palliative care.

We’re consoled that she spent her last days comfortable, calm, pain-free, and knowing she was loved and cared for. We could speak with her for all but her last day. She had a long, adventurous life, one any one of us would be fortunate to experience.

I am Executor of her will, and I’ve already learned quite a few related lessons, with I’m sure many more to come. I’ll be writing about these here in the future.

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