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shocking!What?!? Some of you don’t read every single Money Counselor article? Shocking! 🙂

Well here’s your chance to catch any popular posts you may have missed last year. Below are the Top 10 Money Counselor articles of 2013, ranked by number of pageviews. Enjoy!

Top 10 Money Counselor Posts of 2013

    1.  How Does Your Net Worth Stack Up Compared to All Americans?  Keeping up with the Joneses lives!
    2. Anonymously Report Tax Cheats With IRS Form 3949-A  Maybe when some readers learn their net worth is lagging (see #1) they respond by trying to jail all the tax cheaters they know!
    3. Hurricane Sandy Casualty Loss Tax Deduction  Sandy put a whuppin’ on a lot of folks, and this post explains how to go about claiming losses on your tax return.
    4. When Is It Okay to Send a Cease & Desist Letter to a Debt Collector?  Since people trying to dig out of debt comprise a big chunk of Money Counselor’s audience, it’s no surprise that readers are looking for advice on dealing with debt collectors.
    5. You May Be Able to Withdraw IRA Money Penalty-Free for a Down Payment  With home prices still depressed but rising in 2013, many readers were looking for creative ways to get into the market. This article outlines when you may be able to use your IRA for a house down payment and discusses whether doing so makes sense.
    6. Appoint Yourself CEO of Your IRA with a Self-Directed IRA LLC  With conventional investing costs high and crash-prone stocks feeling a lot riskier these days, many would like to take charge of investing their own IRA.
    7. If You Need Cash, You Can Make a Costlier Choice Than a Pawnshop  Though it’s a bit like saying better to borrow money at 20% than 30%, this article explains how pawning works and makes the point that just about anything is better than taking out a payday loan!
    8. Will Voluntary Repossession of a Car Make the Debt Go Away?  Many people who can’t afford to make their car payments think the problem will go away if they just give the car back to the lender. Uh-uh.
    9. What to Do With “Extra” Paychecks in a Month  Evidently lots of Money Counselor readers are paid every other week, raising the question of what to do with the “extra” third paycheck these people get two months of the year. Hint: the answer is not “party!”
    10. The Fiscal Cliff Dust Has Partly Settled. What’s Your Capital Gain Tax Rate?  Keeping up to speed on taxes is a frustrating, nearly futile, but an unfortunately necessary task for all of us.

I feel kinda proud eyeballing that list. Is that okay?

My conclusion is that the typical Money Counselor reader is a person with too much debt who needs extra cash because they’re frustrated by their net worth compared to others so likes to tell on tax cheaters while recovering from Sandy.

Thanks for visiting in 2013, and please stay tuned in 2014 for more suggestions on how you can make better money choices!

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