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top 10 of 2014I know you didn’t mean to, but you might have missed a few of my articles in 2014. Someday when you’re home sick recovering from the flu or something, you can check the 2014 archives (left sidebar on the homepage) to thoroughly get up to speed. But to make sure you at least didn’t miss anything other readers liked, here’s a linked countdown of the Top 10 Most Read Money Counselor Posts of 2014!

10. Whoa! A 25% Car Loan?  Inspired by what was intended to be an expose of how shabbily treated were two people who took out a 25% car loan and were mad they couldn’t refinance, I saw the situation quite a bit differently than did the television show’s producers and the borrowers.

9. Being Poor Is Expensive  I think many of us who aren’t poor have little idea how tough it can be to become un-poor.

8. Mortgage Payment as Investment  I figure if my investment advice runs contrary to what all the Wall Street shills, financial salespeople advisors, and CNBC talking heads are saying, I’m on to something!

7. Debt Doesn’t Cure Debt!  In this post I drew inspiration from a Lending Tree billboard I saw atop a Seattle building.

6. Best Way to Prepay a Mortgage?  This is one of my favorite posts of the year because I love to bond with people looking to take advantage of the risk-free, guaranteed return they get when paying their mortgage early, and who are keen to be debt free. Also, like #8 above, I get the satisfaction of offering contrarian advice!

5. Pay Off Debt or Invest?  Once again your financial salesperson advisor would disagree with me on the recommendations I make in this post. Do I look worried? 🙂 What’s the point in thinking inside the box?

4. Card Fraud Blame Shift  I think many readers were a bit stunned to learn that credit and debit card issuers are taking the position that transactions facilitated by entry of a card’s PIN cannot possibly be fraudulent, period. Better read your card agreement!

3. Huge Debt Paid Off!  I give all credit here to my cyber friend Travis at Enemy of Debt. Travis and his wife paid off $109,000 in credit card debt, and then celebrated by letting me publish an interview of Travis on Money Counselor.

2. World’s Best Layaway!  I have a lot of fun running my own layaway program. If you didn’t take advantage this year, there are only 359 shopping days until Christmas 2015.

1. Save $100 This Week!  Featured on Rockstar Finance, with this article’s success I learned a lot of people would really like to save $100 this week. Or any week.

Always keen to grow Money Counselor’s popularity, it’s fun for me to reflect on what made these articles especially popular. One key common denominator is clear: I need to end more post titles with ! or ?.

Happy New Year to you all! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015!

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