2015’s Top 5 Posts!

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Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth2015 was another good year for Money Counselor! I published my 5-volume Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth in the spring—very satisfying! I’ve enjoyed answering readers’ questions, and I hope inspired a few people to make better money choices through the articles and resources on this site. Thanks so much for visiting and contributing to the discussion.

Top 5 Money Counselor Posts in 2015

In case you missed any of these, here are 2015’s five most read Money Counselor posts.

  1. Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth  Not surprisingly, the most read Money Counselor post in 2015 described my Simple Guides. Thanks!
  2. August 24 ETF Calamity  This may be the most important article I published all year, so I’m gratified to see that it was well read. If you missed it and own, or might own, ETF investments, please do read this piece. August 24’s stock market action revealed some critical shortcomings of the ETF market that resulted in a lot of investors getting screwed. You don’t want to be a future victim of the same phenomenon.
  3. $200,000 Windfall! Now What?  I guess you might attribute this article’s popularity to people’s penchant for fantasizing about wealth. I asked readers what they’d do if $200k unexpectedly came their way. I gave my thoughts too, in the form of 10 priorities for a windfall.
  4. When You Pay Matters  Nearly everyone assumes that the best way to optimize the important payment history piece of their credit score is unfailingly to pay credit card balances in full by the due date. Nope.
  5. Active Fund Management’s Record  Again I’m happy to see that the important message in this article was well read. The single costliest mistake many investors make is arguably paying good money for valueless active fund management.

See You in 2016!

I look forward to a fun 2016 with you through Money Counselor. Thanks again!

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