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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these compliments during the past week:

  • My article on the Founder Institute—an organization that helps tech entrepreneurs turn their ideas and passions into a business—got people talking and thinking. Jason at WorkSaveLive listed it in his Great Weekend Reading.
  • I drew more predictable teasing for my post “10 Things I Don’t Get“, and the post almost instantly became the most commented post ever on Money Counselor. One commenter characterized my rant as “old-mannish,” tough to take from a smart, young female. 🙂 Another said I reminded him of his grumpy father-in-law. Rule Your Wallet Blog included the piece in its weekly list of “Personal Finance Articles I Enjoyed”. Andy at Tight Misted Miser conceded he didn’t get most of them either.
  • The August 24th #MerchantServices Daily re-published my post “Minimum Payments Will Cost You“. Using my own credit card statement as an example, I show how making the minimum payment translates to nearly 39 years to repay less than $2,000.

Thanks much!

Money Counselor Tweets Last Week

  • Thanks much @JesseMedford for including my “Minimum Payments Will Cost You” in the Aug 24 #MerchantServices Daily! #
  • Financial “expert” a misnomer for the majority of advisors – #
  • Thanks @CollegeInvestin @prairieecothrif @WorkSaveLive for yesterday’s tweets, much appreciated. #
  • Thanks for the follow @OnlineBizss, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • Taken in by the “exercise 3 minutes a day and lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks” hype for the Ab Circle Pro? Claim a refund here: #
  • Andy at Tight Fisted Miser likes my “10 Things I Don’t Get” Thanks! #
  • Thanks for the follow @AwesomeFinance, following you now. Cheers! #
  • Thanks for the follow @livingneweconmy, following you now. Good luck! #
  • Thanks @RuleYourWallet for mentioning my “10 Things I Don’t Get” as one of your favorite articles of the week! #
  • Thanks Jason for including my article on the Founder Institute in your Great Weekend Reading! – (via @WorkSaveLive) #

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