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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these compliments during the past week:

  • My post “10 Things I Don’t Get”  rocketed to the most popular post ever on Money Counselor, and continues to draw attention. I think that’s because many are inspired to poke fun at me in the comments. 🙂 John at My Family Finances made the piece one of his “Top Ten Family Finance Posts of the Week”. In the same article, John makes a very funny argument that “only yooks put their dirty dishes in the sink.”
  • Brent of On Target Coaching selected for the Yakezie Carnival my post on how to deal with a second mortgage if you’re aiming to refinance: “2nd Mortgage Blocking Refinance?
  • Host of this week’s Carnival of Money Pros, Simple Finance Blog, included the Money Counselor article “Does Repossession Cure Debt?” Just turning your leveraged car over to the lienholder usually won’t fully free you of the obligation to repay the outstanding loan balance.
  • My article “Minimum Payments Will Cost You” highlighted how your credit card company wants to string you along forever by cutting minimum payments as your balance falls. My most recent card statement told me I’d be making minimum payments for nearly 39 years to repay a balance under $2,000! Canadian Personal Finance liked the piece well enough to include in its Happy Hour.

Thanks much!

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