Tweets and Links, Week Ending 2012-09-15

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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these compliments during the past week:

  • Jim Wang invited me to expand on a comment I made on a post at Bargaineering. Never one to turn down an opportunity to run my mouth, the result—”Why I’m Wary of Stocks“—appeared this week. A pretty good comment discussion ensued, and one individual took so much exception to my views he felt inspired to write a counter-post! Good reading.
  • The 19th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival published my post, “Do We Control Our Fortunes?” The post poses the question, using a couple of examples, of whether all Americans are likely to reach the same level of success if they apply the same level of effort.
  • One of my favorite personal finance blogs—Hope to Prosper—published an article entitled “Why Rich People Focus on Earning” and cited “Do We Control Our Fortunes” as a piece of “recommended reading.”

Thanks much!

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