Tweets and Links, Week Ending 2012-09-29

Sep 30, 2012 by

Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these compliments during the past week:

  • Rule Your Wallet Blog chose my post on how to make the most of any “Extra Paychecks” you get in a month as a Favorite Post for the week. Andy at Tight Fisted Miser also liked the post.
  • The Carnival of Investing #4 chose my “Stocks We Own“—thanks Investeem!
  • My article “Invest in You!” has drawn quite a bit of interest and good comment dialogue. Jason at WorkSaveLive included the piece in his Great Weekend Reading list. And Len Penzo dot Com also recommended it in his weekly Black Coffee post.
  • I’m pleased that my three-part stock series continues to get quite a bit of attention. Shilpan at the inspiring blog Street Smart Finance mentioned “Why I’m Wary of Stocks” in a post updating readers on a “Rock Star Portfolio“.

Thanks much!

Money Counselor Tweets Last Week

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