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Money Counselor on TwitterMoney Counselor is grateful for being included in these blog carnivals and round-ups this week:

“Yakezie Carnival Will Smith Slap Edition” at Young Adult Finances

“Good Posts from Last Week” at 101 Centavos

“Top Personal Finance Posts of the Week” at Personal Finance Whiz

“TotallyMoney Carnival” at

“Financial Carnival for Young Adults” at 20’s Finances

“Memorial Day Weekend Roundup” at Retire By 40

Thanks much to the hosts and sponsors!

Money Counselor Tweets of the Week

  • Thanks @retirebyforty for including my “Net Worth: How Are You Doing?” in your Memorial Day Weekend Roundup! #
  • 13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One | Prairie Eco-Thrifter via @prairieecothrif #
  • My spidey sense tells me now’s a good time to take advantage of FDIC insurance. #eurozone #
  • Suspect your identity has been pilfered? You can freeze your #credit #idtheft #
  • Thanks for the follow @DavidAHunter, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • Thanks for the follow @My4HWW, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • The U.S. is again polarized: 1) The smug who didn’t buy #Facebook and 2) the chagrined who did. Guess where #Zuckerberg #039;s sympathies lie. #
  • Thanks @WorkSaveLive RT When to Freeze Your Credit – #
  • Investing for Dividend Income: Not All That Passive via @ConsumerismComm #
  • Just added my 2 cents to the comment discussion on the virtues of free transit via @retirebyforty #transit #
  • The Benefits of Buying Local | Prairie Eco-Thrifter via @prairieecothrif #
  • .@Bankrate Poll must have been taken before they were all hyped into buying FB @$42+. #
  • .@consumerist There’s so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to begin. #
  • Thanks @20sFinances for including my “Income-Based Student Loan Repayment” in Financial Carnival for Young Adults #13 #
  • Debt Collection and Hospitals: How Far Is Too Far? | The Exchange – Yahoo! Finance via @YahooFinance #
  • How does your #networth compare to the median and average American’s? #investing #
  • “Debt Account Aversion” and lots of great stuff at TotallyMoney Carnival #67 via @dqydj_net @TotallyMoney #debt #
  • If size matters to you, take the poll here: via @retirebyforty #frugal #
  • Thinking of keeping mum about that #bank error in your favor? Careful. via @fcn #
  • This settles it: I may have to move to #Portland via @frugalportland #beer #
  • Are you a reel man or a wimpy man? via @MarriedWithDebt #
  • Do you own an #Oreck vacuum or air filter? You may have $$ coming to you due to false health claims: #falseclaims #
  • Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Facebook IPO Post Mortem Analysis Edition via @Finance_Whiz #
  • “Broke, Desperate, and Being an Idiot”– One man’s story of hitting financial bottom and recovery: via @WorkSaveLive #
  • Thanks @WorkSaveLive RT Net Worth: How Are You Doing? – #
  • My “Jobless Youth Take Action” makes Top Personal Finance Posts of the Week! Thanks @Finance_Whiz! #
  • Thanks @101centavos for including Money Counselor’s “Facebook IPO: Not For Me” in your “Good Posts from Last Week” #
  • Money Counselor’s “Fund Fees: Nest Egg Killer” in Yakezie Carnival Will Smith Slap Edition: via @YoungFinances Thanks! #
  • Thanks @WorkSaveLive for including my “Facebook IPO: Not for Me” article in your Great Weekend Reading: #facebook #

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