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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these mentions during the past week:

  • Tackling Our Debt chose Money Counselor’s “Woodstacker” for the always entertaining Yakezie Carnival.
  • My post “The Big LIBOR Lie“, about how the little guy is affected by the shenanigans underlying the unfolding LIBOR rate-rigging scandal, appeared in Paula Beard’s Finance Roundup, July 09.
  • I have a lot of respect for the blog WorkSaveLive, so I’m always honored to be included in Jason’s “Great Weekend Reading”. Jason also highlighted “The Big LIBOR Lie“.
  • bogofdebt saw fit to extend a little link love to Money Counselor’s “Plan to Pay Off Debt“. The graph in this post has been a hit. Many people like the simplicity of presenting information graphically.
  • Especially gratifying this week has been the recognition at of Money Counselor as one of “8 Great Blogs You Should Be Reading But Probably Aren’t So I’ll Remind You”.

Thanks much!

Money Counselor Tweets Last Week

  • Thx for including my “Plan to Pay Off Debt”: Emily’s list: Friday the 13th and crazy weather edition: #
  • Thanks @WorkSaveLive for including Money Counselor’s “The Big LIBOR Lie” in your Great Weekend Reading! #libor #
  • New FTC Alert posted. Scammers exploiting Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Ruling: #obamacare #scam #
  • .@WorkSaveLive This one here: Looks tasty! And I’m on a serious heart healthy diet, so it fits well. #
  • Thanks for the tweet @WorkSaveLive. Fyi, I’m planning to make one of your recipes this weekend. Yum! #
  • .@prairieecothrif Thanks so much for the dual retweets! Hope you have a fun weekend. #
  • .@AverageJoeMoney, thanks for naming Money Counselor as one of your “8 Great Blogs You Should Be Reading”: #
  • Thanks @bogofdebt for including Money Counselor’s “Plan to Pay Off Debt” in your Friday the 13th link love! #blackcat #
  • A Guide to Cutting your Utility Bills with Solar Power via @sustainablog #
  • Thanks for the follow @WalterEdelstein, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • Quick: You want to pay off $4,500 in #debt with a 12.5% APR in 12, 18, or 24 months. Which payment fits your budget? #
  • Do You Need Financial Triage? – via @Shareaholic #
  • Just added my 2 cents to a robust discussion of executive perks at via @bargainr #
  • Thanks @barbfriedberg for the RT yesterday. Hope you have a successful day. Cheers! #
  • Hello @LenWinter! Thanks for the follow, following you now too! Cheers! #
  • How do YOU answer the question while pondering the latest gadget or an overseas vacation: Can I afford this? #
  • What is #LIBOR and might you have been hurt financially by the still unfolding scandal? #
  • Thanks for the follow @JonRhodesUK, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • RT @PersonalDiv 20 Tips to Help You Live a Greener Lifestyle #
  • Thanks much for today’s tweets of Money Counselor’s “The Big LIBOR Lie” @familymoneyblog @WorkSaveLive #libor #
  • You CAN Payoff $100,000 of Debt – via @Shareaholic #
  • U.S. credit card debt exploded 11.2% in May. Desperation or improved confidence? via @CreditCardsCom #creditcarddebt #
  • DR Phone Communications slammed by FTC. Made deceptive claims, hid fees for #prepaid #phonecards. via @FTC #fraud #
  • Kids’ allowance and money tracking online tools and apps: via @MoneyTrail #
  • Ideas for Coming Up With a Down Payment For a House – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • “Woodstacker,” my experience stacking three cords of wood, included in Yakezie Carnival: via @TacklingOurDebt Thanks! #

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