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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these mentions during the past week:

Thanks much!

Money Counselor Tweets Last Week

  • Thanks @add_vodka @WorkSaveLive for the tweets yesterday. Have a fun weekend! #
  • Thanks @WorkSaveLive for including “Investing Terms Basics” in your Great Weekend Reading! #
  • Thanks @MoneyWatch101 for including my “Investing Terms Basics” in your Best PF Blog Posts this week: #invest #
  • Thanks much @FMFblog for naming my “The Big LIBOR Lie” one of your Star Money Articles this week. #libor #
  • Thanks @MoneySma for including Money Counselor’s “Plan to Pay Off Debt” in The Round Table for this week! #
  • Thanks @familymoneyblog for yesterday’s tweets, I appreciate it! #
  • Thanks @HDM4U for the follow, following you now too. #
  • The importance of vision in reaching goals — Reframing the issue: via @frugalportland #
  • Credit card “protection insurance”: Rational or rip-off? #creditcard #insurance #
  • The China Study Diet and 8-Week Fitness Challenge – Part 1 – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • Live by these 3 money ideals and virtually guarantee you’ll reach your goals: #
  • Deceptive marketing of “payment protection” and credit monitoring service will cost #CapitalOne $150 million: #ripoff #
  • Thanks @CollegeInvestin for the tweet! Have a successful day. #
  • Volatility? Liquidity? Mutual fund? Don’t let jargon paralysis keep you from learning about investing. #invest #
  • Thanks Tight Fisted Miser for including “Plan to Pay Off Debt” in your week’s Personal Finance Links: #
  • .@AAAMPblog Ken, thanks much for the tweet today. Best wishes. #
  • Thanks so much @OneSmartDollar for the tweet today. #
  • Thanks for the tweet @WorkSaveLive! #
  • .@prairieecothrif Thanks so much for the mention! #
  • Just added my 2 cents to comment discussion of this article: There’s No Such Thing As Cheap Food via @prairieecothrif #
  • Congratulations Joe! Onward and upward: I handed in my Two Weeks Notice via @retirebyforty #
  • Single use underwear? One guy’s ideas on crazy things he’d do with a billion $ lottery win: via @MarriedWithDebt #

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