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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these mentions during the past week:

  • My “Credit Card Debt Trends” on how the 2008 financial meltdown affected Americans’ use of credit cards made the Lifestyle Carnival #12 at From Shopping to Saving.
  • 101 Centavos hosted last week the Carnival of Money Pros, and included Money Counselor’s “Plan to Pay Off Debt” post describing a simple way to determine the monthly payment needed to pay off a debt by a certain date.
  • The 346th (wow!) Festival of Frugality, hosted by One Smart Dollar, included my “Rapid Rescore = $$$” article on how a quick and painless rapid rescore done by your mortgage lender can save you thousands of dollars.
  • The Money Counselor article about the effects of a new mortgage-targeted credit score on your ability to get a home loan, “New FICO Mortgage Score“, made IHeartBudget’s “What I’ve Been Reading on the Web” list. WorkSaveLive found the same article worthy of his “Weekend Reading” list.

Thanks much!

Money Counselor Tweets Last Week

  • Thanks for the follow @edaytipsthought, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • Have you read yet about the new #creditscore that’s designed for #mortgage lending? #
  • Thinking of securing an abandoned home through “squatter’s rights”? via @Bankrate #realestate #foreclosure #
  • Thanks for including “New FICO Mortgage Score” in your Weekend Reading #22 – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • Does Canceling a Credit Card Hurt Your Credit? – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • Who doesn’t like cute baby pictures? via @IHEARTBUDGETS Thanks for the mention! #
  • U.S. GDP up only 1.5% on Q2 of 2012. Down from 2.0% in Q1. Double dip on the way? #
  • .@ClarkHoward I agree, but would delete the word “car” from your tweet! 🙂 #
  • .@RateBrain Savers slammed again! #
  • #Mortgage rates are rock bottom, but will the new #FICO mortgage score keep you out of the market? #
  • Chase to pay $100 mil to settle #creditcard balance transfer rate promise alleged breach lawsuit. via @CreditCardsCom #
  • Though per capita GNP has grown 10-fold, U.S. 2011 #poverty rate likely hit highest level since 1965. Why? #
  • Healthiest enchilada recipe ever? And looks tasty! Recipe: Turkey Enchiladas – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • How to Save Cash and Your Health With a Garden via @prairieecothrif #
  • Need more house down payment and eye-ballinging your IRA nest egg? #financing #
  • Thanks @OneSmartDollar for including my “Rapid Rescore = $$$” in the Festival of Frugality #346 #frugal #mortgage #
  • Just added my 2 cents to the discussion. Did this couple stretch too much to buy a house? via @IHEARTBUDGETS #mortgage #
  • .@WorkSaveLive @MarriedWithDebt @familymoneyblog @prairieecothrif @CommunityAmerCU Thank you for the mentions today, I appreciate it! #
  • Thanks @getplanwise for the follow, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • You Can’t Work Forever: 5 Reasons Your Retirement Will Be Sooner than Expected – #
  • Are you cheap or frugal? Take the test: “Being Cheap or Frugal – 12 Signs You’ve Gone Too Far” – (via @WorkSaveLive) #
  • Thanks @101centavos for including my “Plan to Pay Off Debt” in the Carnival of Money Pros – Summer Break Edition: #
  • .@prairieecothrif Thanks for the tweet! #
  • My “Credit Card Debt Trends” makes the Lifestyle Carnival – Fifty Shades of Grey Edition: thanks @shopping2saving #
  • Does putting a chill on your credit make sense? #

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