Tweets and Links, Week Ending 2012-08-04

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Money Counselor on TwitterI’m grateful for these mentions during the past week:

  • The Big LIBOR Lie” on the unfolding LIBOR manipulation scandal made the Yakezie Carnival at Kylie Ofiu.
  • The Olympic Edition of Ready for Zero’s Weekly Shout Out found worthwhile the Money Counselor article “Plan to Pay Off Debt” describing a simple way to determine the monthly payment needed to pay off a debt by a certain date.
  • Super Saver liked my post “New FICO Mortgage Score,” about the effects of a new mortgage-targeted credit score on your ability to get a home loan, well enough to include in The Wealth Builder Carnival #85.
  • The 151st Baby Boomers’ Blog Carnival published my article on the scam-filled world of Prepaid Calling Cards.
  • The blog iHeartBudgets read “Green Acting vs. Buying,” a post featuring a graphic explaining how you’d have to use conventional technology differently to get the same economic and environmental benefits as new technology. The idea of notifying house guests of an every-other-use toilet flush policy got commenters’ attention!
  • Emily Starbuck Crone, who blogs for at Taking Charge, named my post on vehicle repossession, “Does Repossession Cure Debt?“, as one of her top 10 favorite personal finance posts of the week. Yay!

Thanks much!

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