Tweets, Week Ending 2012-03-24

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  • US 30-yr #mortgage rate now ~4.3%, up 0.14 points in one week. Sub-4% mortgages gone for good? Lock now? via @Bankrate #
  • Money Counselor just broke into 6-digit global #Alexa rankings. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. :-/ #yakezie #
  • FTC slams Sameer Lakhany and five companies he controlled for #mortgage relief #scam Cheated homeowners out of $1 mil. #
  • In 98 of 100 U.S. markets, buying a house is judged “much cheaper” than renting. via @CNNMoney #
  • New #iPad is hot. Literally. via@CBCNews #
  • Thinking now’s the time to buy #stocks Here’s one money manager who disagrees. Vigorously. via @kdaniellepark #
  • .@Bankrate What does his wife say? 😉 #
  • Get off the rewards-for-spending dead end and instead be rewarded for saving and paying off debt: #frugal @playSaveUp #
  • Uh-oh. Is the teensy tiny rate mortgage party ending? via @Bankrate 10-year #bond rate right now = 2.31%. #
  • What gets the #IRS auditor’s attention: via @wisdomjournal #taxes #
  • .@CliffMorganSW Thanks for the follow, following you now too. Cheers! #
  • Okay, #investors Is now a good or bad time to buy into a high-yield (aka #junk #bond fund, like #VWEHX Rationale? #
  • Most unauthorized bank account access due to malware on consumer’s computer, not hacking into bank site. It’s on you! #
  • Here’s a guy who retired at age 33 and says he lives on $7,000/year. In San Francisco! 3 other profiles: via @Bankrate #
  • Social Security might pay your gasoline bill in retirement. What about food? Roth #IRA essentials: via @jeffhaywoodcpa #
  • .@WSJPersFinance Only on Wall Street is a 5-year break-even considered cause for celebration. 🙂 A better way? #
  • Looking for motivation to start attacking your debt? Here you go… via @enemyofdebt #
  • My Money Counselor post on WSJ article “Why Stocks Are Riskier Than You Think” makes a Daily! Thanks @easybudgeting #
  • .@Bucksome Thanks for the follow, following you now too. Cheers! #

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