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selecting a wacky video

Selecting a wacky video

Life doesn’t get any wackier than Black Friday. This video compilation of consumers gone mad looks just like emergency food distribution to starving disaster victims. So the Americans involved think of consumer goods at allegedly bargain prices in the same way the severely hungry think about food. It’s tough to know what to say about these sorts of scenes; I think they speak for themselves. One suggestion: if you insist on shopping on Black Friday and manage to get near the front of the line waiting for the store to open, don’t fall down.

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit here if I include your pick.

Thank You!

  • The blog Midlife Finance chose my article about inherited debt—titled “Dad Died with $25,000 in Credit Card Debt. Do You Have to Pay It Off?“—for the October 25 edition of the Carnival of Money Pros. I’m not sure how I merited the moniker “pro,” but I’ll take it!
  • Money Wise Pastor liked my interview of blogger and financial services industry former insider John Schmoll so much he chose it for the October 27 edition of Best Money Blogs from the Yakezie Carnival. I give John all the credit—you should read his debt challenge story if you haven’t.
  • The ominously named Razor Blade in the Apple Edition of the Carnival of Wealth at the blog Control Your Cash chose my article “Are Rich People Unethical?” for its October 28 edition. The publishers didn’t make as big an effort to make fun of me as they usually do, so that was a bit of a disappointment. They of course instantly knew the answer to the question posed in my article’s title, however. 🙂
  • Travis at Enemy of Debt gave me a fist pump for the dilemma I posed in “Would You Repay a Debt That’s About to Drop Off Your Credit Report?” He also weighed in with a definitive comment. The article includes a poll—see how others responded and cast your vote. AND I got a second fist pump from Travis on November 29 for “Living Simply, Cheaply, and Happily“. Thanks so much Travis!
  • Since moving to Canada in 2009, my wife and I have been sharing one car. My post “How We Live Happily With One Car” explains the details and made the Festival of Frugality #406 (!) at the blog Save and Conquer. Thanks S & Q!
  • The blog MoneySmartGuides chose for its November 08 Round Table my post “Is Your 401(k) a Rip-Off?” on the high, and often hidden, fees many retirement plans include. Thanks Jon!
  • If you’ve been following, you know I set up my own layaway plan to compete with Walmart’s. My plan’s been a huge hit! My success must have crossed the radar of  Financial Nerd because he chose my post announcing the Money Counselor plan, “Send Me Your Money!“, for the November 12 Festival of Frugality. To read more about Money Counselor layaway, check out “Layaway Program Update“.
  • I discovered a great new (to me) money blog thanks to a mention of my article “Which Money Issue Stresses Out Americans the Most?” by Maria, guru at Money Principle in her regular listing of Principled Money Posts. Thanks Maria! The 8th edition of the promising Carnival of Money featured my money stress article too.

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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