Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 09 February 2013

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selecting a wacky videoYou’re never too old for practical jokes.

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit if I include your pick here.

Thank You!

  • Average Joe at Brick By Brick Investing included my “What Would You Do?” post on the dilemma of a mortgage deeply underwater presenting a big hurdle to taking advantage of a great job offer in a new city in his Wealth Building Bricks—Session #1.
  • The Wealth Builder Carnival #112—sponsored by Super Saver—included my article “Tax Season Identity Theft.” This exploding form of fraud will likely impact millions of taxpayers this tax season.
  • Kay Bell of the great state of Texas chose my post “2012 EITC” for the Don’t Mess With Taxes: Tax Carnival #112. If you have any doubt, please check whether you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit before filing your 2012 return. The credit can be worth nearly $6,000!
  • The January 27th edition of the ever popular Yakezie Carnival included my article “Simple Math” in which I reveal my discovery of the single, simple equation key to financial success. Thanks Faithful With a Few for hosting and choosing my post. The same article also made the One Stop Shop of Personal Finance Articles at #MONEYCHAT.
  • If you want to save money preparing and filing your federal income tax, check out my article “Can You Freefile?” at the 397th (phew!) Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at the blog My Personal Finance Journey.
  • The Exciting New Year Edition of the Carnival of Money Reasons—put together by Don at the interestingly named blog The Ultimate Juggle—included my post “Free Tax Prep Help“, a companion of the Freefile post mentioned above. Read both—you might save some $$!

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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