Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 12 January 2013

Jan 13, 2013 by

selecting a wacky videoI don’t endorse (or eat) the products this video promotes, but I sure do like the selling method! I feel inspired to visit Russia one day. (Not really.)

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit if I include your pick here.

Thank You!

  • The January 07 edition of Paula Beard’s Finance Roundup published my article about how I’m getting geared up for our annual Family Summit Meeting, “Summit Meeting Prep.”
  • Jason at WorkSaveLive found my post “Simple Math” worthy of his Great Weekend Reading. In this piece I shared with the world my discovery of the single equation that governs personal finance.

Thanks for spreading the Money Counselor word!




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