Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 12 Oct 2013

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selecting a wacky video

Selecting a wacky video

Personal finance bloggers love to dole out advice on how to get ahead, and one recommendation that’s become standard is to get a “side hustle.” If you haven’t heard the term, a side hustle means a part time, often occasional gig that brings in a bit of extra cash (sometimes with the implied bonus that Uncle Sam doesn’t necessarily need to know about your little venture). The video below depicts a side hustle that’s apparently become common in Russia. When that big meteor exploded over Russia a few months ago, we learned that lots of Russians have dash cams in their cars. The fake pedestrian collision scam I gather is one reason for the popularity of dash cams.

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit here if I include your pick.

Thank You!

  • One of my favorites—Ray, at Squirrelers—included my “Installment Loan Money Trap” piece in his Weekly Roundup back on September 12. As I say in the post, so-called installment loans are payday loans’ ugly stepbrother. Stay away if you want to meet your financial goals!
  • Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey chose Money Counselor’s “Buy a Foreclosed Home?” for the September 29 Yakezie Carnival. If you’re in the market for a house, check out this piece for some tips about the foreclosure market.
  • If you haven’t yet run across Edward Antrobus’ personal finance blog, it’s worth your while, in my opinion. I appreciate his choice of my “The Guy Real Estate Gurus Hate” for September’s Carnival of Passive Investing. All I’ll say about my post is ‘Elvis lives!’
  • The October 01 edition of the Roth IRA News, published by JoeTaxpayer, included my post “How To Tap IRAs Early” about the substantially equal periodic payments option. You can withdraw money from a Traditional IRA before age 59-1/2 without paying the 10% tax penalty—not that I’m recommending you do so!
  • Travis at Enemy of Debt gave my “Consumers Ditching Credit Cards” article a fist pump, yay! Travis is coming down the home stretch of a long marathon of paying off a mountain of credit card debt. His story and posts are quite inspirational. The Financial Carnival for Young Adults, published on October 06 at 2 Copper Coins, also featured my article about the decline in credit card use.
  • My post “Financial Gain Without Pain” on how a young worker can easily boost their retirement savings by $100,000 over a 40-year career has gained a bit of attention, and I’m grateful. Money Smart Guides included the article in its October 11 Round Table. I got another fist pump from Travis, the 32nd Carnival of Financial Independence at My Personal Finance Journey included the piece, and Derek of Life and My Finances cited it for his Weekly Round-Up. Thanks all!
  • Michael at Financial Ramblings liked my “Can You Inherit Debt?” enough to include it in his Weekly Roundup as well. If your parents have a lot of debt you’re worried about one day becoming your debt, take a look at this post.

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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