Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 13 July 2013

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selecting a wacky video

Selecting a Wacky Video

During the first part of this video you think these people are somehow up to no good. Then there’s a happy and unexpected revelation that makes you feel a little bit ashamed of your suspicions!

Here’s a direct link if the video’s not working for you.


Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit if I include your pick here.

Thank You!

  • It’s always exciting to be included in Len Penzo’s weekly Black Coffee post. Len picked up on #3 of my popular (well, popular in my world anyway :-)) “Our 3 Best Money Choices” series. Thanks for noticing Len!
  • Our 3 Best Money Choices–#2” made the June 23rd Yakezie Carnival, yay! Many thanks to Jen at the blog Master the Art of Saving for including me! This second part of the three-part “Best Money Choices” series discussed how much we’d saved on health insurance and healthcare since making the choice to relocate to Canada in 2009.
  • Super Saver enjoyed my article “Wall Street Breaks Record” on ballooning NYSE margin debt enough to include it in the Wealth Builder Carnival #132 at the blog My Wealth Builder.
  • I felt pretty good about my post “The Vision Thing,” which discussed how the first and perhaps most important step toward paying down debt is to spend time visualizing yourself with less debt. John at the blog All Things Finance liked it too, so he included the article in his list of Finance Articles from Around the Web in his “Monthly Standard” post for June.
  • Aspiring Blogger (love the name—that’s still how I feel after 20 months of blogging!) chose my post on properly timing a bankruptcy filing, “Considering Bankruptcy?” for its Personal Finance Carnival #10. Thanks AB!
  • Thanks to the Carnival of Money Pros that featured my post “Handle Old Debts Carefully,” I discovered the blog Making Sense of Cents. Check it out, Michelle’s doing some good work over there! And as my article advises, be careful if you’re hearing from a debt collector about an old debt.

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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