Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 22 February 2013

Feb 23, 2013 by

selecting a wacky videoIf you’re a Metallica fan, you must see this. Even if you’re not, it’s amusing.

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit if I include your pick here.

Thank You!

  • The February 14 edition of the @techauditcom Daily headlined my article “Stock Bandwagon Rolling Again.” Nice to be shown this love on Valentines Day! And yes, CNBC seems to be at fever pitch. I have to give them credit—the stock marketing machine is truly awesome. Check the S&P 500 chart published in the article and then ask yourself this question: Is this sort of  recent (since 1995) performance consistent with my risk tolerance?
  • The Financial Carnival for Young Adults at the blog 20’s Finances featured my post on the habits and history of those with good credit, “Profile of High Credit Scorers.” If your credit score isn’t what it ought to be, check how your habit compare to those who have scores.
  • The Tax Carnival Ecstasy included my post “How to Choose a Tax Preparer.” If you don’t do your taxes yourself, it’s worth a peek.

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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