Wacky Video and Thanks, Week Ending 23 March 2013

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selecting a wacky videoHave you ever wondered why companies spend so much money on branding and logos? Here’s a 5-year old with the answer, which in short is: Indoctrination to consume.

Please send me your nominations for the week’s Wacky Video. I’ll give you credit if I include your pick here.

Thank You!

  • The up & coming blog Frugal Rules named my post “Stock Huckster at Work“—starring TD Ameritrade’s salesman-in-chief, Tom Bradley—as one of a few Blog Posts that Ruled a couple of weeks ago. Nice to rule something, even if only for a week. 🙂
  • Did you get burned by H&R Block’s tax preparation software flaw? A lot of people did, and they don’t mind venting their frustration. My article on the topic, “H&R Block Tax Snafu,” made the St. Paddy’s Day roundup at the blog Midlife Finance.
  • My piece on the end of paper Social Security checks, “Paper Social Security Checks Over,” got top billing at the 62nd Carnival of Retirement at The Money Mail. If you’re wondering whether your Social Security benefit check got lost in the mail, better read this article!
  • It’s always fun to be in the paper. In this case, the March 18 issue of the HouseholdBudgetingMadeEasy.com Daily included my article on the major tax credits for low and moderate income U.S. taxpayers, “5 Big Tax Credits.” These credits can add up to many thousands of dollars in your pocket, so be sure you’re claiming the ones for which you’re eligible.
  • Len Penzo I think runs one of the more entertaining and interesting personal finance blogs around, so I always feel thrilled when Len chooses one of my posts for his weekly Black Coffee. This time Len appreciated my “U.S. Retirement Catastrophe Looming?” post about the meager savings most Americans have stashed away for retirement. I don’t know how this story’s going to end, but it ain’t going to be pretty, I suspect.

Thanks friends for spreading the Money Counselor word!

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